Terry McGill

TerryTerry – Akashic Records & Quan Yin Readings

Due to the COVID-19 situation we will Not be seeing people in person. Terry will be available for Quan Yin Readings by Phone or Online with a more flexible schedule 

Terry McGill started channeling spontaneously in 1987 but it was his training through the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment that greatly expanded his ability to do Readings and also opened his Third Eye. After three years of this intensive training and testing, Terry was certified as a Divine Direct Soul Communicator. In January 2012 he received a transmission from Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha that enabled Terry to Read the Akashic Records at the Divine level.

Terry saw an image of Quan Yin in his mind in 1979, long before he knew anything about her.  Several years after he began to read the Akashic Records, she began to appear and offer healing blessings and speak through him.  Quan Yin has now asked Terry to bring messages to those in need, through channelings here at Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces.  We are grateful that Terry will bring the voice and heart of the Goddess of Compassion to you here, especially because as you may know, Quan Yin is the Patron of this store.  Terry McGill receives rave comments and tearful gratitude from those who have Akashic Record Readings with him. You can now also receive a Quan Yin channeling.

Register by Monday for a Tuesday Reading with Terry

Tuesdays from 12noon-3pm
Other days may be possible by special appointment

$125 for 60 minutes,