Stephanie Shea


Due to the COVID-19 situation we are Not doing in person readings. Stephanie will be available by Phone or Video Online (ZOOM, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime & What’s App) Whether you’re getting a reading over the phone or online video chat Stephanie will record the session and email you an audio .mp3 file of your reading to refer to later. Her schedule will be flexible and based on her availability.

 Stephanie’s readings will help you to discover the tools you were born with to help you on your life path. Do you have questions about specific areas of life such as career, love, family, or finances? Depending on your question, Stephanie will hone in on the planets and/or transits that relate directly to your question. You’ll receive relevant, practical information that can help you to make the most of available astrological energies.

Stephanie combines astrological knowledge with intuition as part of her practice, but she strongly believes that an astrology reading is not fortune telling. Instead she sees it as a way to discover the “tool kit” you were born with, and part of a helpful process to become aware of what works best for you in life. She can guide you towards the methods and timing that will help you move towards your goals. If the current astrology presents upcoming challenges, Stephanie will offer tips about how to work with the energy for best results. It’s her goal to leave people feeling excited about their birth chart and empowered to navigate their upcoming astrological transits.

Stephanie received her initial training with Emily Trinkaus, completing an apprenticeship program through Emily’s Alcyone School for Engaged Astrology. From 2012 to mid-2016, she had the great honor of working for and studying under internationally-renowned astrologer, Jan Spiller. Since Jan’s passing in July 2016, Stephanie has been writing the horoscopes, forecasts and articles for as well as a monthly column called, “The Astrological Edge,” for Dell Horoscope magazine. She also provides astrological information on her blog,

Jan Spiller’s many books, including “New Moon Astrology,” “Astrology for the Soul,” “Cosmic Love,” and “The Astrology of Success,” are highly recommended if you are interested in learning more about astrology and working with the planets to achieve your goals! 

1 hour birth chart reading for individuals – $100. 
1/2 hour birth chart reading for individuals – $60.

1 hour compatibility reading for couples – $150.
1/2 hour compatibility reading for couples – $85. 

Availability: Mondays and also by Special Appointment other days

Please either call us at 503-528-1430 or email to make your appointment with Stephanie