Sacred Women Wisdom Special Offer

Sessions available through the month of August with Love Offering to Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces in celebration of our 14th anniversary!

“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you, a place of women? A place where other women, somewhat older, had reached out to help you as you rooted yourself in the earth of the ancient feminine . . . A place where there was a deep understanding of the ways of woman to nurture you in every season of your life. A place of women to help you measure your own stature . . . How might your life be different?” ~ Judith Duerk

Kathy StanleySacred Women Wisdom
Kathy Stanley, Spiritual Life Coach

Every woman deserves to know the joy and serenity that comes from communion with her sacred, soulful self.  As a spiritual life coach Kathy offers empowering sessions for women who are waking up to the Sacred Feminine within themselves or who are longing for connection with their soulful nature.

Working with Kathy you will receive:

  • safe & supportive space to evolve in your soulful woman journey
  • processes to help with navigating difficult points for women on the spiritual path
  • creative arts activities to bring joy & deep inner empowerment from your Muse
  • access to wisdom from ancient women’s spiritual knowledge
  • focusing to support your forward action in creative work & life
  • contemplative meditations to support your inner well-being
  • rituals for healing, self-care & ministering through the transitions & seasons in your life

Kathy offers private sessions by Skype or phone, or in person in Portland, Oregon.

Kathy Stanley is a Spiritual Life Coach and an Ecopsychology instructor. She is a CoreLight Minister and is completing her M.A. in Women’s Spirituality with Specializations in Creative Expression and Spiritual Guidance.

To contact Kathy Stanley:
(503) 267-3122