May Special: Labradorite

labradoriteLabradorite: Rock Star of the Month

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We have a beautiful AAA selection with lots of extraordinary flash including tumbles, stunning slabs, assorted sizes of free forms small to large and jewelry as well.
Carry or wear Labradorite to help increase your awareness and strengthen your innate mystical powers and intuitive abilities.

Labradorite will enhance and help activate your abilities to:

  • Reduce fears, insecurities, and release psychic debris of past disappointments or traumas hooked to the aura – including those hooked-on from past-lives
  • Calm an overactive mind to provide better access to creativity, inspiration, and insight
  • Align with your soul purpose and inner-strength during times of change or transition
  • Raise consciousness and connect with universal energies
  • Connect and communicate with guides, spirits, and other higher energy beings
  • Access Akashic records, recall past lives, and work within other realms or dimensions
  • See the “magical happenings” in and the awareness of synchronicity and serendipity of opportunities
  • Stimulate and activate clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, psychic reading, prophecy and lucid dreaming
  • Deflect the effects of unwanted energies, especially during dream time or doing psychic work