Leslie Zemenek – Life Purpose Palm Readings

Do you wish you could live a more meaningful life? Want a clear and accurate road map to help you find the way? The map is already in the palm of your hand.

Leslie has been decoding the Life Purpose in the hands since 1993 and has read for thousands of individuals worldwide. Her intuitive, confidential and compassionate readings are designed to help you embrace your gifts, make conscious, empowered decisions, and lead an authentic, purpose-filled life.

Life Purpose Mini Reading
This 25 minute reading introduces you to the Life Purpose in your fingerprints. We will also discuss three to five of the most prominent markers in your palm. Perfect for those who want to find out how Life Purpose Palmistry works or for exploration of a single question following a more detailed reading. $74

Life Purpose Exploration Reading
A comprehensive look at the three parts of your Soul Agenda: Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Soul Psychology. Together they reveal the formula for achieving your fullest potential. We will analyze the markers in your hands that both challenge and support your soul’s progress. Includes prints of your palms. 45 minute reading plus 10 minutes for printing. $144

The Master Blueprint Reading
This reading offers a more in-depth discussion of the life purpose, constructive advice for dealing with your lesson, and strategies for finding balance in your Soul Agenda work. Learn how your past is affecting your future and how to clear the way for expression of your unique gifts. Lastly, we will identify concrete, practical steps you can take right now to make progress on your soul journey. Includes prints of your palms. 75 minute reading plus 10 minutes for printing. $211

All readings include complimentary digital recording.

Available every 3rd Saturday from 1:00pm-6:00pm

Please call (503) 528-1430 or Email  to schedule an appointment.