Laura Clarson


Laura Clarson began her career as a professional astrologer in 1971 in Dallas, Texas and added Tarot card reading to her practice in 1981. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and has done graduate work in counseling. She moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1992 where she continues her intuitive guidance work.

She has taught both astrology and Tarot and is the author of “Tarot Unveiled: The Method to Its Magic” and “The Cosmic Tarot: Signposts Along the Path.” Laura has studied Jungian psychology, Theosophy, Alice Bailey’s “Esoteric Astrology”, Numerology, Homeopathy, Bach flower essences, and both Eastern and Western metaphysics and incorporates these areas of expertise into her readings.

By considering the impact of the archetypes of Jungian psychology, she focuses on the personal myth that you are expressing through the astrological chart and offers direction in actualizing your creative potential. Through the use of the symbols of the Tarot cards and the current astrological trends, she can pinpoint the present focus for your personal growth. Her spiritual and psychological approach considers the soul purpose at the same time that she addresses the concerns of the material world in her counseling sessions.

In her Tarot sessions, Laura focuses on specific areas of interest for up to a year ahead involving areas such as career, relationship, or health in separate card spreads related to each question. She interprets the Tarot symbols showing the past, present, and probable course of events based on your current situation. The insights gained from the reading can help you to choose more productive attitudes and actions relating to your questions that can help to shift the probable outcome of a situation. Her readings contain accurate timing for events ahead using a timing method that she developed and teaches in her Tarot books.

Rates: $50 – 30 minutes, $85 – 1 hour

Schedule: 2nd Saturday of the month from 3pm – 6pm

Please call (503) 528-1430 or Email  to schedule an appointment.