Jodi Snyder

jodi-snyderTarot, Palm, Tea Leaves, Astrology and Runes Reader

Jodi is an eighth-generation psychic reader trained from childhood in a family of Theosophists. Her grandmother taught her to read cards 
using an old hand-painted deck. Readings with “The Laughing Light” can range from Tarot, Palmistry and Runes to light trance sessions dipping into past lives and soul work. She is happy to read for couples looking to explore the karmas and dharmas in their paths. Astrological charts are also available (allow a few days to develop a chart from your time/date/place of birth) Or try a tea-leaf reading, it’s delightful! 


Fifteen minute Reading Options   $33

  • 3-card tarot
  • Rune casting
  • Short palm reading

“Anything on the menu” Tarot, Tea Leaves, Palm or Runes

  • Half hour $60
  • Full hour $90

Astrological charts (please supply birth data ( Date, Time and Place) and
 allow 2-3 days notice to prepare chart) $120

FYI: Classes and instruction in Tarot and other metaphysical and mantic arts 


Please call (503) 528-1430 or Email  to schedule an appointment.