Holotropic Breathwork Oregon

Global Holotropic Breathwork Day: A Global Movement Towards Wholeness

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful adjunct to healing, experienced by thousands, on many different paths, for almost half a century.

This workshop will be held in concert with other communities through out the United States and around the world.

Through the method of Holotropic Breathwork, as developed by Dr. Stan Grof M.D. PhD., an opportunity to expand our awareness into the depths of our own Individual Soul and into the Soul of the Collective can be achieved. This is where true healing takes place. In this way Holotropic Breathwork is an inner journey towards self-unification and wholeness for a lasting sense of psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

In this way……….When we heal our Selves we Heal the Planet!

Join us for Global Holotropic Breathwork Day in Portland, Oregon, Friday April 11th 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Saturday April 12th, 8:30am – Approximately 9:30pm. Meals and Snacks included.

Workshop fee $245.00. Early registration by April 8th is only $199.00. Pre registration is required. To register and learn more, visit www.hboregon.org. For questions not covered on the site, call 503.490.2551

Ukiah MarcusPresented By: Ukiah S. Marcus LCSW/CADC, seasoned psychotherapist in private practice Portland OR, Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator and scholar of Mythology, Eastern / Western Traditions and Human Neurobiology. Workshop held in compliance with the methods and principles set forth by Dr. Stan Grof M.D. PhD, as Trademarked.

Note from Joan:  Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces is the proud sponsor of Global Holotropic Breathwork Day which is happening at a different location. This workshop is being presented by my dear friend, Ukiah Marcus, who is a local psychotherapist and certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator among many other things. I have referred him many times to our customers/friends and have received countless feedback of gratitude, as he is an amazingly skilled therapist. This is bound to be a powerful workshop of the highest caliber. There will also be the added awesome component of this being a global event connecting many groups together for the greater good. I encourage you to check it out!