Returning to Oneness – the Seven Keys of Ascension with Melody Long

September 30, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Event Space
1631 NE 25th Ave
$15 per class

Five Monday Classes September 30, October 7, 14, 21 & 28

 $15.00 each class (FYI: If one signs up by end of the September 23rd “FREE Intro to Returning to Oneness ” it will only be $60. for All 5 Classes)

This five-class series is based on material from Returning to Oneness: The Seven Keys to Ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston with Brad Laughlin. 
Come explore simple, yet profound techniques and meditations that will help you find balance and peace in these challenging and changing times.

Learn how to use these “keys” to unlock your limitations and live more in your full potential. 
o Don’t believe in loss or gain 
o Forgive all betrayals 
o Not my will, but Thine 
o Have faith in the support of the invisible realms 
o View the ego impersonally 
o Accept the death of your body and the eternality of your soul 
o Accept your divinity 
o Don’t worry, Be happy (Yes – there are actually eight keys!)

Melody Long, RN, MPH is a coach and spiritual mentor. She has studied for over 20 years with Leslie Temple-Thurston, an enlightened woman and teacher of non-duality, has been a Teacher of the CoreLight courses, is a CoreLight ordained Minister, a Reiki Master and a Registered Nurse. 
She is masterful in assisting people to work through their blocks in consciousness, inspiring and coaching people to see their limiting beliefs and move to higher levels of understanding. 
These times are about moving from an old paradigm of domination, power and control to one of heart centeredness, love and compassion and balance between the feminine and the masculine in each of us. 
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