Memorie OV Eden – Psychic Oracle & Tarot Reader

January 22, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces
The Event Space at Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces
$80 - 45 minutes, $108 - 1 Hour, $150 - 1.5 hour, Longer sessions can be arranged. Please inquire.
(503) 528-1430

Psychic Oracle and Tarot Reading

Memorie is a multi-gifted Mystic, dedicated to spreading the remembrance of humankind’s inherent Awakening. From the very beginning of her present incarnation, she has experienced prophetic dreams, intuitions, and visitations by a vast number of multidimensional beings. In childhood, she began to remember her gifts through Wiccan ritual, tarot, and her experiences with the spirits of her houses. In her adult life, she has come to embrace the mystery of her namesake; that her higher purpose is to remember, and help others remember, our core sacred wisdom and connection to one another, to Spirit.

Her soul’s journey has led her through lifetimes communing with her star family, holding space and healing as a shaman, preserving divine feminine wisdom as a priestess of the Goddess, allowing the sacred winds of Spirit to flow through her as an Oracle, and holding, delivering, and loving the miracle of life as a mother. She is ever grateful for the path Spirit has lived through her and the gifts she has received along the way. A clear channel through all her senses, she is blessed to offer many forms of divination, Planetary Healing, Shamanic healing/journeying, Oneness Deeksha, Akashic Record work, Crystal healing, Healing Ceremony with departed loved ones, and Oracle channeling. As the mother of two Starseed children, she is also devoted to the wellbeing of the child/parent relationship, offering spiritual parenting workshops and parenting guidance.

Every private session is intuitively designed, embracing the improvisational quality of the Present moment. The art of remembering the Truth of who we are is a dance of co-creation with one another and Spirit. All that is required to work with Memorie in remembering this Truth is the willingness to see as if for the first time and the heart to embrace what is discovered.

$88 – 45 minutes
$108 – 1 hour
$150 – 1.5 hours
Longer sessions can be arranged. Please inquire.

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm-7pm
4th and 5th Saturdays 12pm-6pm
Other times By Special Appointment

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