The Avatar Within – Anchoring the Divine into the Human Experience

March 20, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Event Space at Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces

The Avatar Within – Anchoring the Divine into the Human Experience with Memorie OV Eden

Within us all, there is an indestructible seed, that, when properly nourished, blossoms into an authentic and completely unique expression, aspect, or Avatar of the Divine Creator. When we allow the Avatars to speak, breathe, and act through our human bodies, we can navigate through our realities in true co-creation, bringing our creative dreams to life, finding and fulfilling our purposes and serving others and the planet we live on. To be in deep connection with the Avatar Within, is to know and live our Truth. It is to be secure from within, needing not a corruptible outside authority or dogma to depend on. It is to be sovereign, to be leading a life that feels “right”.

The most effective gurus,teachers, and prophets of history have been those whose messages pointed to this distinct alignment of Self with Source. Tracing popular spiritual teachings back to their pre-corrupted essences, we can find the encouragement to “Know Thyself”, to see that “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within you”. It is time to understand these teachings again, though not as an end, but a means to birthing our own inner guru,the Avatar, into our waking reality. You are the One you have been waiting for!

More than ever, the planet, at this time, needs more self-aware, self-governing individuals who respect and love the divine aspect within themselves and in turn, honor that unique aspect within all sentient life on Earth.

In this 6 week intuitive gathering, we will locate and nourish the seed of our inner Avatar, inviting the Divine Creator to join us in our daily human lives. Through imaginative journeying, meditation, group energy work, channeling, art, take-home exercises, and ceremony, we will heal that which is not in alignment with our Truth, explore the unique expression of our Avatars, and celebrate this amazing life we have been given. To compliment the group energy of this work and deepen personal progress, each participant will receive a private 30 minute Psychic Oracle session with Memorie.

The success of this work is dependent upon personal commitment, accountability, and mutual respect. We will be working with a building of energy over the weeks that will fuel each participant’s progress. For this reason, it is important to attend all 6 sessions. If you cannot commit to this gathering, trust your timing. There will be future Avatar Within gatherings to attend.

Cost: $222, includes 6 Consecutive Monday 2 Hour group sessions and a 30 minute private reading with Memorie OV Eden. If necessary, a split payment plan is available.

Memorie OV Eden is a Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Coach who has been giving readings at Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces since 2012. She is honored to be bringing her gifts to the group platform. For more information about her work, go here.



Please Pre Register: call (503) 528-1430, Email  pre-register and ensure your spot.

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