Colby Collins

colby-collinsColby’s Private Soul Sessions of Transformational Healing and Intuitive Reading

Colby works with people who feel stuck, lost, or alone reconnect with themselves so that they can reconnect with others creating a life of radiant health, wealth, and happiness. He powerfully holds the reflection of the Soul inviting awareness and healing on all levels, and inspiring you to be your most authentic Self. If you are ready to discover a life of purpose and passion, your Soul has led you to the right place!

In our work together, my intention is to brightly hold the space for you to heal yourself with Spirit. I offer guidance, support, and insight into your own discoveries and help to strengthen your dedication to your own healing and spiritual evolution. It is important to set your own intentions to prepare for our work with Spirit. It is my honor to be a vessel for Spirit and help provide seekers with a direct connection and a pathway to understanding your own direct connection.

What type of session are you looking for?

Colby Collins’ Reading Menu

LifeLift Private Sessions cost: $125 one hour:
Experience the incredible breakthrough power of the LifeLift Method to transform any area or situation that is not working in your life. Examine your gifts and get clear on what you want to create in your life and how to get there. Experience breakthrough around specific challenges and experience a clear avenue to peace and enjoyment.

Soul Channeling & Astrology ½ hour full hour: 
Receive guidance directly from your Soul. Colby is a poetic trance medium fully embodying the voice of your Soul for inspiration, insight, clarity, and understanding of your Soul purpose and current potentials. Session is concluded with an affirming and further insightful Astrology profile reading.

Aura Drawing Reading ½ hour only:
Colby accesses and sees into your aura, capturing it on the page in crayon and colored pencil. Gifts, blocks, present circumstances, and near-future potentials show up in this colorful and insightful snap shot of your aura.

Past-Life Regression Therapy full hour only:
Through hypnosis and guided imagery, access your multi-dimensional awareness and past-life experiences. Gain insight and clarity of current life issues by accessing thought and feeling patterns innate in your energy make-up. Transform, engage, and restore your current reality with the knowledge and experience of your unconscious.

Guides & Master Teachers Reading ½ hour only:
Connect with and experience directly your unique Guidance Team and Master Teacher council which provide daily wisdom and support for your life’s journey. Learn techniques to cultivate a fulfilling relationship with them and expand your intuitive capacity.

Cord Cutting & Soul Retrieval full hour only:
Create freedom and healing in your relationships by re-claiming your power to accept disowned aspects of your personality often projected onto others. This allows for the release and integration of conflict, abuse, grief, resentment, and expectation in relationships. Whether you are healing from a relationship collapse, or asking for more clarity in a current relationship, this session will awaken and inspire.

Spiritual Activation & Energization ½ hour or full hour:
Soul Channeling combined with powerful energetic transmission that invokes Kundalini energy to rise through the spine, awakening and transforming all aspects of self. Spiritual legacy of the late Braizilian Light healer, Mauricio Panniset.

Inner Child Healing full hour only:
Our childhood traumas create the foundation of our behavior patterns. This session uncovers hidden coping strategies and opens the doorway to healing old wounds and their current consequences. Embrace the childwithin and re-claim the powerful gifts of innocence, curiosity, creativity, and play.

Rates: $77 – 30 minutes, $111 – 1 Hour

Colby Collins, MhD, holds a Doctorate degree in Metaphysical Healing & Transpersonal Psychology from Delphi University as well as Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach Certifications and has been offering Soul Readings and Transformational Healing Sessions for almost ten years, helping hundreds of individuals transform their lives with direct contact with the Soul. Colby primarily works with women who feel stuck, lost, and alone reconnect with themselves so that they can reconnect with others creating a life of radiant health, wealth, and happiness. For more information on Colby and his sessions please visit,