Tea Leaves

Jodi Snyder

jodi-snyderTarot, Palm, Tea Leaves, Astrology and Runes Reader

Jodi is an eighth-generation psychic reader trained from childhood in a family of Theosophists. Her grandmother taught her to read cards 
using an old hand-painted deck. Readings with “The Laughing Light” can range from Tarot, Palmistry and Runes to light trance sessions dipping into past lives and soul work. She is happy to read for couples looking to explore the karmas and dharmas in their paths. Astrological charts are also available (allow a few days to develop a chart from your time/date/place of birth) Or try a tea-leaf reading, it’s delightful!  Continue reading Jodi Snyder

Lisa MoonCat

lisa-mooncatTarot, Runes and Tea Leaves Reader

Lisa MoonCat has been reading tarot cards, tea leaves and runes for 20 years. She has studied astrology for many years and enjoys helping people understand their relationship to the stars. She works with faerie and animal spirit guides, and channels the ancestors when their message is strong. Her gift is ancestral, inherited from her grandmother.  She is a reader with a deep natural connection to the energy and connectivity of life.

In her readings she focuses on helping people overcome obstacles and understand situations. She reads timings of events, and sees the interconnected nature of different areas of life, and can help predict what the next steps on our path are. She specializes in relationship and love readings. She uses a special set to look into our needs in relationship and address them directly. Continue reading Lisa MoonCat