Ralph Gardner

Tarot-Psychic Reader and Medium, Healer, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Breathwork

Ralph has been a spiritual-intuitive counselor/coach for over 20 years. A well noted intuitive, healer and medium, as well as a Shaman, he has a heightened natural ability to connect with Higher Consciousness and your Higher Self, enabling him to see into the depths of your current challenges and your life’s calling/purpose. He will bring forth powerful insights through divine guidance, and provide you with tools that will allow you to find the answers that have alluded you.

He uses tarot to help open up a dialogue that leads to the “deeper work” where transformation is birthed. Here, you receive a clear understanding as to where you are in the current moment and will provide you with skillful tools that will aid your personal walk in life and lay the groundwork for finding the joy, happiness and peacefulness we all seek.  This is the “secret” to creating the life we dream of, one of fulfillment and joy….

His intention is to have you feel empowered, confident and motivated (inspired) as you move forward into your ‘new’ life. The dedication required for you to be able to embrace your new path is cultivated through a process of self-discovery as you build a stronger ‘spiritual practice’ that is essential for what you’re wanting to create in your life. This is the ‘path’ which leads to inner and outer, peace and freedom. And growing with the skills of intuition and ‘centered breathwork’ will aid you in releasing ‘old’ beliefs and patterns that have blocked you.

All of this leads to raising your ‘vibrational frequency’ which is the key to the process of creation and manifestation. Creating that “alignment” is the key to the Law of Attraction, drawing to ourselves what life can offer.

Soul Retrieval sessions are designed to ‘walk with you’ into different points of time, be it childhood or past lives. They have an immediate impact/effect and is the process which facilitates major integrative experiences with ‘lost’ parts of self. Here lays a wonderful opportunity for major changes.

Relationships, health and your direction in life will all be answered. Your session with him will be a memorable experience that will resonate with your heart and have lasting healing effects.  

‘Psychic parties’ in your home and at work for special occasions including holidays.


15 minutes – $35

30 minutes – $60

60 minutes – $100

Ralph can be booked for sessions and workshops at Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces, by making contact through email hwss@livingsacred.com or call 503-528-1430.

Diana Bober

Tarot & Astrology with Diana Bober

Diana Bober has been reading Tarot and Astrology professionally for thirty years. She’s read in New York, L.A., Las Vegas, Jackson Hole, and now has happily found home in the vital city of Portland. Diana was the Astrology and Tarot writer for the web magazine, That Glow.com, and wrote articles for the hard-copy magazine, Country Music Today, and is the author of Diana’s Astrological Combinations- a book on how mothers match up with their children. She’s read at a number of reputable metaphysical stores throughout the U.S., but finds Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces exceptional.

Diana helps clients discover the right solution to their dilemmas- or lets them know what’s going to happen, and that they’re on the right track. Diana has a talent with helping clients with career choices and sheds light on the intents and desires of their loved ones to improve relationships- of all kinds. She does in-depth Astrological chart readings including what planets currently are an influence and how to use the energy wisely. Diana predicts the future accurately, but if the result is unfavorable, she finds a better path to success and happiness for her client.  Together with her clients they connect to what is and what can be through Tarot and Astrology and make it happen.

FYI: Please call at least One Day ahead to make your appointment with Diana in order to ensure your desired time and her presence.  Diana is available Mondays and Fridays from noon till seven p.m.
**Special appointments can be made on unscheduled days.
She is also available for parties either onsite in our Event Space or location of your choice with varying rates depending on your particular needs.


$65 – 30 Minutes

$100 –  45 Minutes

$125 – 1 Hour

Please call (503) 528-1430 or Email  to schedule an appointment.

Amber Blase

Tarot and Astrology In One Reading With Amber Blase

Amber Blase Astrology Tarot
Amber Blase Astrologer and Intuitive Tarot Reader

Amber Blase gives you insight with both Astrology and Tarot in one reading. Discover the gifts coming to you right now through Amber’s caring yet humorous readings. Learn what to expect over the coming months and how to succeed no matter what! Your astrology chart is your personal roadmap. Amber helps point you in the right direction to move forward on your divine path in:

  • Money
  • Love
  • Health
  • Career advice



Astrology and Tarot Combination Reading

  • Half hour $45
  • Full hour $80

Astrological charts (please bring your birth data ( Date, Time and Place) to your reading

embodiFIY Astrology Reading

Meet the Stars in Your Horoscope with EmbodiFIY Astrology

Amber introduces you to the ‘stars’ in your horoscope through embodiFIY Astrology – a way to see and meet the personalities in your horoscope through 22 men and women who represent the planets and signs of the zodiac. Amber created the embodiFIY Astrology Card Deck to make it easy to work with your zodiac personalities. Remove obstacles and envision your success with an embodiFIY astrology reading.

  • Half hour $45
  • Full hour $80

embodiFIY readings need to be requested in advance.


Please call (503) 528-1430 or Email  to schedule an appointment.

Jodi Snyder

jodi-snyderTarot, Palm, Tea Leaves, Astrology and Runes Reader

Jodi is an eighth-generation psychic reader trained from childhood in a family of Theosophists. Her grandmother taught her to read cards 
using an old hand-painted deck. Readings with “The Laughing Light” can range from Tarot, Palmistry and Runes to light trance sessions dipping into past lives and soul work. She is happy to read for couples looking to explore the karmas and dharmas in their paths. Astrological charts are also available (allow a few days to develop a chart from your time/date/place of birth) Or try a tea-leaf reading, it’s delightful!  Continue reading Jodi Snyder

Laura Clarson


Laura Clarson began her career as a professional astrologer in 1971 in Dallas, Texas and added Tarot card reading to her practice in 1981. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and has done graduate work in counseling. She moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1992 where she continues her intuitive guidance work.

She has taught both astrology and Tarot and is the author of “Tarot Unveiled: The Method to Its Magic” and “The Cosmic Tarot: Signposts Along the Path.” Laura has studied Jungian psychology, Theosophy, Alice Bailey’s “Esoteric Astrology”, Numerology, Homeopathy, Bach flower essences, and both Eastern and Western metaphysics and incorporates these areas of expertise into her readings. Continue reading Laura Clarson

Lisa MoonCat

lisa-mooncatTarot, Runes and Tea Leaves Reader

Lisa MoonCat has been reading tarot cards, tea leaves and runes for 20 years. She has studied astrology for many years and enjoys helping people understand their relationship to the stars. She works with faerie and animal spirit guides, and channels the ancestors when their message is strong. Her gift is ancestral, inherited from her grandmother.  She is a reader with a deep natural connection to the energy and connectivity of life.

In her readings she focuses on helping people overcome obstacles and understand situations. She reads timings of events, and sees the interconnected nature of different areas of life, and can help predict what the next steps on our path are. She specializes in relationship and love readings. She uses a special set to look into our needs in relationship and address them directly. Continue reading Lisa MoonCat

Memorie OV Eden


Psychic Oracle and Tarot Reading

Memorie is a multi-gifted Mystic, dedicated to spreading the remembrance of humankind’s inherent Awakening. From the very beginning of her present incarnation, she has experienced prophetic dreams, intuitions, and visitations by a vast number of multidimensional beings. In childhood, she began to remember her gifts through Wiccan ritual, tarot, and her experiences with the spirits of her houses. In her adult life, she has come to embrace the mystery of her namesake; that her higher purpose is to remember, and help others remember, our core sacred wisdom and connection to one another, to Spirit. Continue reading Memorie OV Eden