Colby Collins

colby-collinsColby’s Private Soul Sessions of Transformational Healing and Intuitive Reading

Colby works with people who feel stuck, lost, or alone reconnect with themselves so that they can reconnect with others creating a life of radiant health, wealth, and happiness. He powerfully holds the reflection of the Soul inviting awareness and healing on all levels, and inspiring you to be your most authentic Self. If you are ready to discover a life of purpose and passion, your Soul has led you to the right place! Continue reading Colby Collins

Kent Valente

Kent Valente
Kent Valente

Massage, Reiki and Shamanic Work

“Kent’s clients get even more powerful results now than before because of his recent shamanic training! Added onto his extensive repertoire of body work and energy healing such as intuitive massage and Reiki, Kent can now share what he intuitively feels to get you where you want to go (feel/do/be?). Kent has been intuitive since age 8 and always knew there was a better way for himself and others, and now is overjoyed to be able to express that truth to those who are seeking ”
Kent Valente is a licensed massage therapist (LMT# 18496) and graduated in 2011 with over 800 hours of training from east/west school of massage in Portland Oregon. He is a Reiki Master and has practiced Reiki since 2008 and is also available to teach Reiki. He has been involved with Shamanic work for most of his life and has trained to provide Shamanic Healing; which consists of sound healing and Shamanic Journeying. Kent works with clients on an in-depth basis using all his training techniques to assist each person in reaching a state of ease and to get out of a state of dis-ease. Continue reading Kent Valente

Memorie OV Eden


Psychick Oracle and Multidimensional Shamaness

Memorie is a multi-gifted Mystic, dedicated to spreading the remembrance of humankind’s inherent Awakening. From the very beginning of her present incarnation, she has experienced prophetic dreams, intuitions, and visitations by a vast number of multidimensional beings. In childhood, she began to remember her gifts through Wiccan ritual, tarot, and her experiences with the spirits of her houses. In her adult life, she has come to embrace the mystery of her namesake; that her higher purpose is to remember, and help others remember, our core sacred wisdom and connection to one another, to Spirit. Continue reading Memorie OV Eden