Amber Blase

Tarot and Astrology In One Reading With Amber Blase

Amber Blase Astrology Tarot
Amber Blase Astrologer and Intuitive Tarot Reader

Amber Blase gives you insight with both Astrology and Tarot in one reading. Discover the gifts coming to you right now through Amber’s caring yet humorous readings. Learn what to expect over the coming months and how to succeed no matter what! Your astrology chart is your personal roadmap. Amber helps point you in the right direction to move forward on your divine path in:

  • Money
  • Love
  • Health
  • Career advice



Astrology and Tarot Combination Reading

  • Half hour $45
  • Full hour $80

Astrological charts (please bring your birth data ( Date, Time and Place) to your reading

embodiFIY Astrology Reading

Meet the Stars in Your Horoscope with EmbodiFIY Astrology

Amber introduces you to the ‘stars’ in your horoscope through embodiFIY Astrology – a way to see and meet the personalities in your horoscope through 22 men and women who represent the planets and signs of the zodiac. Amber created the embodiFIY Astrology Card Deck to make it easy to work with your zodiac personalities. Remove obstacles and envision your success with an embodiFIY astrology reading.

  • Half hour $45
  • Full hour $80

embodiFIY readings need to be requested in advance.


Please call (503) 528-1430, Email or come by Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces to schedule an appointment.

Colby Collins

colby-collinsColby’s Private Soul Sessions of Transformational Healing and Intuitive Reading

Colby works with people who feel stuck, lost, or alone reconnect with themselves so that they can reconnect with others creating a life of radiant health, wealth, and happiness. He powerfully holds the reflection of the Soul inviting awareness and healing on all levels, and inspiring you to be your most authentic Self. If you are ready to discover a life of purpose and passion, your Soul has led you to the right place! Continue reading Colby Collins

Memorie OV Eden


Psychick Oracle and Multidimensional Shamaness

Memorie is a multi-gifted Mystic, dedicated to spreading the remembrance of humankind’s inherent Awakening. From the very beginning of her present incarnation, she has experienced prophetic dreams, intuitions, and visitations by a vast number of multidimensional beings. In childhood, she began to remember her gifts through Wiccan ritual, tarot, and her experiences with the spirits of her houses. In her adult life, she has come to embrace the mystery of her namesake; that her higher purpose is to remember, and help others remember, our core sacred wisdom and connection to one another, to Spirit. Continue reading Memorie OV Eden