Hands-On Astrology presents – Create Your New Year: Astrology and Intention Setting for 2018
Jan 26 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Dive into the new year with an experiential overview of 2018’s astrology with Stephanie Shea ( and Elizabeth Russell (

Stephanie will outline key planetary aspects, movements, and retrograde cycles to help you make the most of 2018’s astrological energies. Learn the best time to move forward, the best time for change, and see the big picture to help you keep perspective. We’re in for a retrograde-heavy year, which could be frustrating if you don’t understand how to work with the cycles.

Elizabeth will guide us through an intention-setting ritual and everyone will go home with something special they’ve created to remind them of their 2018 intentions.

This workshop is designed to calibrate your inner compass to make the most of the upcoming astrological influences. Set your course for the year ahead!

Where: The Event Space at Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces, 1631 NE 25th Ave., Portland

Cost: $18 in advance, $20 at the door


Life Purpose Activation with Sarah Curts
Jan 31 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

sarah-lawrenceLife Purpose Activation

What do you offer that no one else can? What is the fire in you that can light up the world?

If you feel like your life is out of balance, that there’s something you’re supposed to be doing but you either don’t know what it is or can’t find traction for doing it, there is a way through. You might feel pressure to be living differently than you are, that there’s something not right with you or how you spend your days, but it’s difficult to describe exactly what’s wrong.

Think of your Life Purpose as a physical energy flowing through you. Imagine that it has a knowing and direction independent of your thoughts. When you are out of alignment with it, you will feel a sense of pressure, as the energy that calls you to your purpose pushes against the unconscious barriers that block it. This class will teach how to release the dams (self-limiting beliefs) so your gift may flow unimpeded into creation.

More than that, by offering a proven, step by step method for clarifying in your heart the exact nature of your purpose and how to best share it with the world, this class offers a practical foundation for living your dreams. It also features individual readings for each attendee that speak directly to the specific nature of your purpose so you can leave with clarity and focus for your path and your best steps from here.

Now is the time for the individual to step forward and claim their voice. Let this be the era when ordinary people reveal the extraordinary within. Activate your purpose, and shine forth as a bright light in the world.

Free mini-readings will be available at the end for those who volunteer.

Taught by Mind/Body Intuitive Sarah Curts , the Rational Psychic, who began her work with a dramatic psychic awakening in 2009.

Please Pre Register: call (503) 528-1430, Email  pre-register and ensure your spot.