Prayers for the Earth: As Above So Below, Art Reception with Leslie Temple-Thurston
May 27 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
We will be hosting a special sacred art show and reception with visiting Santa Fe / South African artist and spiritual teacher, Leslie Temple-Thurston of CoreLight.
This is an example of Leslie’s art a luscious hand-painted watercolor provides the background for sacred images to tell the story of The New Buddha Descending into the World. As the light of awakened consciousness penetrates through the trees, an angel overlights Buddha’s descent. The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet helps direct the energy while Aslan the white lion holds the field steady and radiates light from the central sun. The snake—ancient symbol of feminine power—weaves light through the soil, and crocodiles support the underworld in luminous shadow.
“Our world has reached a decision window on a grand-scale and in an apparently unprecedented moment of cosmic evolution, change is upon us. Are we ready to meet it?”—Leslie Temple-Thurston To Learn more about CoreLight: