Spiritual Grounding Through the 7 Directions with Michael Viola

April 19, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Event Space @ Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces

This workshop is an introduction to visualization and spiritual grounding.  Michael will lead the group through the process of a guided meditation or journey.  Assisted by shamanic drumming, you will focus your attention on the directions (North, East, South, West, Above, Below, Heart) and their felt sense. This includes their color (White, Red, Yellow, Black), elemental associations (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), stage of life (child, adolescent, adult, elder), and animal/plant/spiritual counterparts (totems/allies/ancestors).  This process brings us into closer contact with our intuitive guidance, spiritual identities, and each other.

He has found this process beneficial to those in all states of spiritual awareness, from novice to advanced.  People begin to experience the world of inner vision and develop a practice of connecting with it at will.  A holistic worldview develops where attendees perceive the interconnectedness of all things. They also see themselves within this context and develop a sense of agency and responsibility within it.

Please bring something small and of spiritual/sentimental value.  You will use it to construct an altar for this gathering that will help strengthen our circle and ground our intentions.  You may also want to bring a notebook and pen in order to jot down impressions gained in the journey.

To Register: Please call 503-528-1430 or email hwss@livingsacred.com

About Michael Viola, MA Spiritual/Shamanic/LifeCoach
“I grew up in NJ and NYC where I was educated in a system that groomed me for a legal career. My first job was as a litigation paralegal at a major law firm that represented Wall St. banks where I was working 100+ hour weeks.  Truth, honesty, and moral integrity are foundational priorities upon which I build my life and I had a hard time finding them there. Very quickly I became disillusioned by the work, as it became clear that big money makes law.  This awareness coincided with the Twin Towers disintegrating; as I was awoken Tuesday morning September 11th 2001 by an incessantly ringing phone, loved ones looking for me.  I had called in sick (and tired) to work the night before.  My commute, had been, directly through the World Trade Center, putting me there at the exact time of crumbling towers.  I was guided not to be there.  Life was guiding me in a different direction.  I found that new direction in Santa Fe, NM.  I received a MA in counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM and a BA from Swarthmore College in PA.  I have apprenticed with master herbalists and learned from traditional medicine men in the Peruvian Amazon and American Southwest. My coaching practice falls in the realm of Archetypal, Transpersonal, Jungian Psychology, and Shamanism.  I now walk the edge of that world I grew up in and this animate world, I live in now, where everything has life and spirit.”

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